New Blog Directory!

Hey guys, I moved all of my old blogs to the new one, here! It’s officially all updated! SO if you don’t mind, could you please migrate on over to the new blog? is now officially closed. It will no longer be updated, same blog and same theme will be on the new site!!

I promise everything’s all there, I made a little compilation on the most popular posts you guys have been clicking on:

POOL SIDE PHOTO – SHOOT: click the picture to read post

DIY DISPLAY STANDclick the picture to read post

DIY L.B.S. SHORTSclick the picture to read post

DIY BUSINESS CARDS: click picture to read post

DIY INSTAX ALBUM: click picture to read post

DIY HANDMADE VALENTINEclick picture to read post

DIY VALENTINE GIFTclick the picture to read post

Hope you guys enjoy the new site!!



Hey guys! Sorry for being M.I.A.

I’ve been moving this blog to my official blog –


It’s a cleaner layout, easier to navigate, & I”m starting new series soon!
This blog will remain open, but all of the posts here are already transferred to the new site.

No new blog posts will be updated here, so I ask all of you who follow me here or on blog lovin’ to skip your way over to the new site and follow me there please!

It’s the very first time I’ve created my website and icons and what not. So I’m very excited! (Can’t you tell?)


Thanks so much guys!