i’m a girl in a small town. i love to collect found things and give them a new life. i have a passion for coffee, tea, honey, & lemons.


i talk way too much, so i need a daily reminder to breathe, and listen before i speak. my life is going through so much in such a small amount of time, i tend to capture every detail, & i try to create all of the jumbled ideas in my mind.


i want to live a full life, filled with color, DIY days, and capturing it all with my crazy photography antics.

i’m learning & ¬†finding my way through the blogging world, & i’m a youtube “beginner”.

– – – – – – – –

i am no way telling you what to do or how to lead your life. but i’m simply trying to live mine to the fullest, & opening my mind. i just hope that by writing my thoughts and projects on to here, it will spark a creative match in your life and inspire you to live your life.



thank you for going on this journey with me!


questions, business, & just a simple hello: please write me an email at ttrisnadi@gmail.com



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